Teleport Stations

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Teleport Stations

Post by Perrinoia » Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:05 pm

1) Delete the electric beam on the teleport pad...
2) Add a special camera turret behind the enerpad's display, kinda like the inventory station's turrets, but with no projectile.
3) Rewrite function TeleportPad::onCollision, so it launches the command map.
4) Rewrite function function Client::takeControl, so it allows you to remote control the camera turrets from step 2, but only while standing on a TeleportPad.
5) Write an onFire event for the special camera turret, that teleports you onto it's enerpad (with a deploy check, so players don't get stuck, of course).
6) Increase $TeamItemMax[TeleportPad].
7) Add teleport pads to the deployable dropships.

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