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NydiumRPG for Garry's Mod

Post by Shinji » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:15 pm

Recreation of TribesRPG into Garry'sMod, and even higher ambitions. Help wanted!

I posted this here because almost all of you know the mod (whether you liked it or not is another matter :roll: ), and I'm looking for any and all help I can get. My brother SPAWN-DEVIL, who worked on the Tribes Live project isn't helping, but I know that many of you individuals also have created fascinating things like the Annihilation Mod itself. Any persons who may be interested in developing please apply @ http://nydiumrpg.sourceforge.net/devteamform.html .
Garry's Mod scripting language is Lua, but it also allows some familiars that Tribes' C# soup has.

For the record as well, this is not exactly the Noxiousnet RPG from http://www.noxiousnet.com/forums/index.php?topic=7769.0 , that project was unfortunately abandoned. I have however spoken to Jetboom, the creator of it, and he has given me permission to use content from it, "so long as it isn't shit " :lol: . This allows quicker initial development of core coding.

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