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1 Tue May 05, 2015 8:43 am

Hey folks; I see a few of you still popping (pooping?) around here. Thought I would extend an invitation to you guys for a steam group I just made for nostalgia's sake.

The basic idea is that it gives a bunch of old T1 players a place to schedule times to jump on TeamSpeak, and play specific mods in Tribes 1 just to shake it out of your system for a while. A few of the guys I know managed to do this manually a few months ago and even with about 6 people it was a blast. Last I checked Annihilation has about the least amount of problems getting a game together, but I'm sure a few of your other favorite mods do.

If you're on steam, feel free to join and participate or organize events for whatever mod you like.

Given the mods so far concerned (and most of the mods for T1, the name seemed appropriate :-)).

Note: This isn't a "Revive tribes!" post or anything. Just a bunch of old cynic dudes looking to organize a game once in a while.
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